Bridge to the Future.

Our intensive programs includes three components, Bridge to the Future, Career Advancement Academy and the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship. These age specific programs are designed to ensure that youth and young adults prosper academically, personally, and economically, and to build a cadre of future leaders who are competent, caring and culturally aware of their commitment to their community. Sessions are available online, on-demand and at our various learning sites.

A. Bridge to the Future Learning Communities (ages 14-18)

Five-week program, 40 hours of instruction, digital badges, stipends upon completion

Weeks 1 & 2: Career and Workforce Preparation:

Session Description: Students will learn the difference between a job versus a career, conduct research on skills needed for 21st Century careers; Identify a career pathway, clarify values and establish goals, learn how to be a professional in the workplace.

Session Objectives: Students will develop a career plan, create a cover letter, resume and gain interviewing skills. Students will be able to communicate effectively and will earn a digital badge.

Week 3 and 4: Financial Awareness

Session Description – Students will develop a personal budget by use of a digital financial app; students create a personal saving plan focused on investing in their future.

Skill Acquisition – Financial awareness, research and critical thinking. Students will earn a Digital Financial Awareness badge.

Week 5: Entrepreneurship

Session Description: Digital marketing and personal branding

Session Objective: Students will learn the tools for digital marketing including creating a business plan (team activity) flyers and a website. Creating a positive brand via social media. Students will receive digital badges in Digital Fluency and Collaboration

Skill Acquisition: Collaboration and Digital Fluency

B. Career Advancement Academy (ages 18 -25)

Six to eight-week program including internships and/or paid apprenticeships